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Professional Interests

Moshe's DP book!

Broadly speaking, my interests lie in the general area of OR/MS methodologies and the affiliated fields. I also have a keen interest in the development and support of the organizational infrastructure of OR/MS - both at home and internationally.

An interest that I have been pursuing most vigorously in recent years is decision-making under severe uncertainty.

I am also greatly interested in the use of interactive computing and modelling on the WWW particularly in translating these activities into web-based modules.

Another interest (you might say, a passion) that I have is the quest for making the most of notation. The guiding idea here is to capitalize on the function of notation as a medium of thought serving as a springboard for new ideas, new applications of the notation concerned and so on. (see ISPCI).

So in addition to the standard academic activities (teaching, research, consulting), I have devoted a considerable effort to the development of interactive web-based educational resources (eg. tutOR project)

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