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Pet Projects

Moshe's new book!
The term "pet projects" refers to a number of long-term projects that have been on my desk for a long time now and, that for various reasons are especially dear to me.

I list them here in an arbitrary order.

Responsible decisionsA mini-campaign to promote responsible decision-making. Going strong!
VoodooA mini-campaign to limit the Rise and Rise of voodoo decision theory in Australia. Going strong!
Info-GapA mini-campaign to contain the spread of Info-Gap in Australia. Going strong
Worst-CaseA mini-campaign to promote the correct use of worst-case analysis. Going strong!
tutORialAn IFORS project aimed at providing the international OR/MS community freely accessible, educationally rich tutorial modules for standard OR/MS topics. Complete!
tutOR A University of Melbourne supported project aimed at providing tutorial support for the undergraduate OR subjects at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.Complete.
Joy of DPA "popular" DP book supported by interactive web based modules.More than fifteen modules are ready.
Revised DP book A revision of my DP book, which includes two new chapters and major expansions of other chapters.Almost complete.
CCLP BookComposite Concave Linear Programming: a useful and powerful extension of linear programming involving the optimization of a composite linear function subject to linear constraints.The material is ready, but ... progress in writing is slow.
ISPCIInternational Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Indices. An ongoing effort to explain the merit of regarding notation as a tool of thought in Mathematics in general and OR/MS in particular.Not very active at the moment.
LWLose weight! A complete disaster so far.
Pizza A search for a really good vegetarian pizza in Melbourne.On hold.

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