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I am an avid and experienced lecturer, specializing in OR/MS related subjects - both at the undergraduate and postgraduate level. I am particularly experienced and interested in teaching students with a solid mathematical background, OR/MS topics with a quantitative bent. In the past I taught standard OR/MS subjects covering the following topics:

In addition, I also have substantial experience in teaching students, enrolled in specialized (eg. enrichment) subjects, as well as in subjects designed to attract students to maths oriented programs.

From time to time I also organize short courses (eg. via the University's Summer Program) as well as "in house" training for external organization.

According to Quality of Teaching Surveys and Staff-Student Liaison Committee records, I am regarded by students as a dedicated, competent, engaging and stimulating lecturer.

Curriculum Development:

I have significant experience in curriculum development for mathematically oriented undergraduate and graduate OR/MS programs. I always incorporate in my third and fourth year subjects topics related to my research and consulting work.

My research work in the area of interactive computing and modelling - which originated during the time I worked for IBM Research (1977-9) - enabled me to develop over the past ten years innovative multimedia educational material for OR/MS subjects. This effort has been supported by a number of educational grants and led to the tutOR project.

I am on the editorial board of the electronic journal INFORMS Transactions on Education, am a member of IFORS Educational Resources Committee, and the person who was in charge of the IFORS tutORial project.

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