A short historical perspective

To give the reader some perspective on the origin of the project and the state of the art at that time (mid 1990s), I provide below some of the User Guidlines for the early modules.

  1. This is a preliminary alpha version of Le tutOR. It was developed for use with Netscape's Navigator version 4.5 and Microsoft Explorer version 5. Most of the modules - but not all - should run well also on Netscape Navigator Version 4 and Microsoft Explorer Version 4. It is almost certain that it will not work well with other browsers.

  2. The modules are JavaScript intensive so to be able to interact with them your browser must support JavaScript and JavaScript must be enabled. The status of your browser application is as follows:

    Model name


  3. Beware of Netscape's Resize Syndrom. Should you resize the window of your Netscape Navigators window, you'll loose the material on your screen, and a fresh copy of the calling page will be loaded. If the tableau is larger than your screen, use the scrolling facilities. In short, don't resize window in the middle of your session.

  4. Contrary to common misconceptions, the WWW is not a platform independent teritory. There are substantial differences between browsers, browser versions and hardware. As a rule we test our modules on Window 95 and Mac PPC systems with Navigator 4.5 and MSIE 5 on board.

  5. The modules rely heavily on the conventions and regulations of 620-261: introduction to Operations Research which are similar but definitely not identical to conventions used in first year subjects in mathematics, eg. 620-141 and 620-161.

  6. Current versions of most modules have no error trapping facilities whasoever so it should not take you more than a second or so to crash them. You are welcome to do this if this is want you want to do.

  7. Only very limited on-line help is provided at present. If you attended the lectures and stayed awake most of the time you should be able to figure out how to use it in no time.

  8. Note that the input fields for the linear algebra modules expect you to use proper fractions (eg. 3/2). Do not input decimal numbers in those fields. Eventually the error trapping facilities will warn you on-line on this matter.

  9. Last but not least, please regard the site as a whole as being in a permanent "in progress" state. We work on it continually. Hopefully, some of the modules will become stable towards the first semester of next year (March 2000).