tutORial's Geee Park

This module can serve a number of useful purposes, including support of a discussion on functions of several variables, partial derivatives, and other basic concepts from calculus, including classical optimization.

The following could be a simple assignment:


Determine the distance from the hurdle where Turty must jump and her minimum initial vertical velocity (as a function of the hurdle's height and the current value of g) so that she clear the hurdle. For the purpose of this exercise you assume that the length of Turty's blades is 21 pixels.

The module also illustrate the kind of cross platform animation facilities that are currently offered by Dynamic HTML (DHTML).

If your screen is small, make sure that you scroll horizontally so that right-hand side of the park is seen. The action will begin there. You may also wish to scroll vertically to see what is going on below the surface.

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