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This engine was desiged to support the module on the Dual Simplex Method. Recall that the method deals with situations where we have a simplex tableau with the following features:

The method attepmts to restore feasibility (make the right-hand side values non-negative) without forcing the reduced costs to violate the optimality condition. If it fails, the conclusion is that the problem is infeasible.

It is commonly used in situations where it is necessary to find a new optimal solution to a linear programming problem after one or more constraints are added.

If this is what you want to do, make sure that you resize the problem to the correct size taking into consideration the constraints that you want to add. Use the NBV button to restore the canonical form if the added constraints destroyed the canonical form of the final tableau of the old problem.

The raw initial tableau you specify does not have to be in a canonical form. You can use the "NBV" button to change the basis, if necessary, and canonize the tablea.

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