Le Simplex Machine

The Standard Disclaimer

  1. This is a preliminary version of Le Simplex Machine. It was developed for use with Netscape's Navigator version 4.5 or later. It should work also with recent versions of Internet Explorer. It will not work well with other browsers.

  2. The system is based on the conventions and regulations of 620-261: introduction to Operations Research. some of which are also used in 620-161.

  3. The current version has no error trapping facilities whasoever so it should not take you more than a second or so to crash it. You are welcome to do this if this is want you want to do.

  4. Only very limited on-line help is provided at present. If you attended the lecture and stayed awake most of the time you should be able to figure out how to use the system in no time.

  5. The input should be filled in strictly as fractions (eg. 3/2). Do not use decimal numbers.

  6. You should not change the list of basic variables directly. Rather, use pivot operations to set up whatever basis you need.

  7. Beware of Netscape's Resize Syndrom. Should you resize the window of your Netscape Navigator's window, you may loose the material on your screen, and a fresh copy of the calling page will be loaded. If the tableau is larger than your screen, use the scrolling facilities. In short, don't resize the window in the middle of your session. .
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Work to be done

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