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AoA Campaign

For many years now I have been (very) reluctantly using the (very) popular activity on arc (AoA) networks as a framework for teaching the Critical Path Method (CPM).

So around May, when I usually gave my first lecture on CPM, I issued a public apology to my students for this choice, briefly explaining that the other approach, namely acitivity on node (AoN), is far superior and more user-friendly.

My justification for this choice has always been the logical " ... this is what our textbooks are using ..." argument.

One of my 2004 New Year Resolutions was to stop this nonsense.

So despite the popularity of AoA, last year we finally did it properly --- the AoN-way.

Furthermore, I am resolved to initiate a capaign whose aim is to rid CPM once and for all from AoA. The tentative title of this campain is Academics for AoA-free Courseware.

I published a paper on this topic:

Towards an AoA-Free Courseware for the Critical Path Method
INFORMS Transactions on Education, 5(2), 2005.

I am looking for people who would be interested in joining this campaign, either as activists or as supporting by-standers.

Join The AoA Campaign

In the meantime you are welcome to use my very old CPM module. This is a very old AoN-based module. I developed it for my second year students.

A simple but effective Gantt Charting facility is provided.